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Parsine is a direct importer and wholesaler of various tyres for the commercial aircraft market in Iran.

We distribute tyres for MD80, Fokker100, Airbus A300, A320, Boeing 737, 747...

Please contact us if we can offer you any tyres !


Mc Donnell Douglas MD-80 MLG / MAIN TYRES: H44.5x16.5-20 28ply
Goodyear Part Number: 446K82-2
Michelin Part Number: 039-853-0
Bridgestone Part Number: APS01440

Boeing B737 300/400/500 CL MLG / MAIN TYRES: H40x14.5-19 26ply
Goodyear Part Number: 419K62T2
Bridgestone Part Number: APS01337
Dunlop Part Number: DR23631T

Mc Donnell Douglas MD-80 NLG / NOSE TYRES: 26x6.6 12ply'
Goodyear Part Number: 266F22-3
Bridgestone Part Number: APS00281-B

Boeing B737 300/400/500 CL NLG / NOSE TYRES: 27x7.75-15 12ply
Goodyear Part Number: 275K22T1
Bridgestone Part Number: APS01207
Dunlop Part Number: DR25821T
Michelin Part Number: 029-616-0

All tyres are in NEW condition and come with FAA8130-3/EASA Form One certification.
Offer subject to prior sale.

We have a lot of sizes always at hand:

Airbus A300  Nose 40X14 (also 600 600R 600ST 600 ER B2 B4)
Airbus A300  Main 46x16 (also B2, B4)
Airbus A300 B2/B4 Main 46x17.0R20
Airbus A300  Main 49X17 (also 600 600ER 600R 600ST B2 B4)
Airbus A300 B4 Main 49x19.0-20 (also B2 B4 600/600ER)

Airbus A320  NOSE 30x8.8
Airbus A320  NOSE 30x8.8R15
Airbus A320  Nose 36X11
Airbus A320  MAIN 1270x455R22
Airbus A320  Main 36x11
Airbus A320  Main 46X16
Airbus A320  Main 46x17R20
Airbus A320  Main 49x17
Airbus A320  Main 49X18.0-22
Airbus A320  Main 49X19.0-20

Fokker F100  NOSE 24x7.7
Fokker F100  Main H40x14.0-19

McDonnell Douglas MD80 NOSE 26x6.6 (MD 81/82/83/87/88)
McDonnell Douglas MD80 MAIN H44.5x16.5-20 (MD 81/82/83/87/88)

Boeing 737  MAIN H40X14.5-19 (for 300/400/500)
Boeing 737  NOSE 27X7.75-15 (for 300/400/500)

If you are loking for a distributer in Iran, we are your first round pick:

We provide you with a local office with English and Farsi speaking personnell.
We have a secure warehouse location.
We offer capable cargo handling and import.
We have contacts to all airline Managers.
We safely and dependably distribute your goods.
We provide local and international handling of payments.

We offer the premium distribution hub for Iran

  • secure warehouse on the closed gate premises
  • customs import and export
  • extensive contacts in the commercial airline industry
  • flexible trade organization

We know exactly what it needs to get into the game. Team up with us !



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